Dr Weizi (Vicky) Li


Vicky LiLecturer in Business Informatics, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Dr Weizi Li (BSc, PhD, fellow of BCS) is a Lecturer in Informatics Research Centre (IRC), University of Reading, playing the role of supporting the research leadership in informatics and interdisciplinary collaboration with industry.  Weizi’s research places an emphasis on co-design methodology for the alignment of business and technology. She first coined the notion of semiotic interoperability recently, has been working in the area related to this topic for a number of years. She has been engaged in research in organisational semiotics since her PhD when she applied semiotics in enterprise architecture research of systems for digital hospitals. She focused on the integration between business processes and information systems. Her PhD work extended the organisational semiotics to the development of integrated business and technological systems, and was later on adopted in one of the largest hospitals in China.