Department of Business Consulting


Department of Business Consulting is a part of The Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness. The goal and objective of the Department is to provide consulting services to third parties in the field of finance and risk management, strategic management and operational improvements. These services will be carried out both by internal resources, and with the assistance of external expert consultants. Below is a more detailed description of services and human resources used:

Our services

Consulting in the field of Finance and Risk Management

  • Analysis of the investment attractiveness of companies and projects;
    • Macroeconomic analysis;
    • Analysis of financial and operational performance;
    • Analysis of corporate governance;
    • Benchmark analysis;
  • Building a financial model of the business and training top managers use the model to predict the performance of the company;
  • Business Valuation by using a variety of financial techniques;
  • Development of financial and economic feasibility;
  • Development a risk management strategy.

Consulting in the field of Strategic Management

  • Development of company’s strategy, marketing strategy and innovation strategy;
  • Develop a strategy for socio-economic development of the city, state, region (regional and national competitiveness);
  • Business transformation and change management;
  • Carrying out activities on the application and implementation of the approved strategies.


Consulting in the field of Operational Improvement

  • Analysis of the current business model and its optimization;
  • Re-engineering of business processes;
  • Optimization of the supply chain and logistics;
  • Development and implementation of productive corporate culture;
  • Human resource management – improving HR-system, talent development, staff incentives, leadership development and motivation.



Our projects (current and potential)


In collaboration with the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), KBTU has developed and implemented the project of opening Hi-tec listings for local companies to attract private investments for developing the technology sector of the economy of Kazakhstan. January 1, 2015, KASE opened playground for young venture capital firms with technological incline that will use technological expertise committees, the first of which founded by KBTU.



Study of issues on obtaining consulting assignments to develop a strategy of innovation Samruk-Energy. Also working with key people, responsible for transformation, to create potential consulting areas where KBTU could take a part of workload with major contractor BCG.




Our experts


Financial area

Yuri Loktionov – PhD in Finance (MIT)

Golib Kholjigitov – PhD in Finance (Swiss School of Management), Master of Public Administration (Harvard)

Nurlan Rakhimbayev – MBA (KIMEP)

Donald Hoskins – MBA (University of Virginia)

Dr Gavin Kretzschmar – PhD in Finance, Chartered Accountant (University of Edinburgh)

Muhammad Mujibul – PhD in Business Administration (Texas Tech University)


Economics area

Alex Mossesov  –  PhD in Economics, Мастер Экономики (Государственный университет Штата Айова)

Alisher Abdashev  – PhD (Doktor der Wirtschaftswissenschaften), University of Regensburg

Kenneth Chapman – Ph.D in Economics (LBS)


Strategy and Operational Management

Ewan Simpson – PhD in Management Sciences (University of Glasgow)

Talgat Kerimov – Master in Management and Operations (Harvard)

Timur Narbayev – Ph.D., PM (Turin Technical University)

Johan Ernst – MSc (Munich Technical University)

Stephen Lin- MBA (University of South California)

Ruslan Egembayev– MBA (KIMEP)

Pol Devis – PhD in International HR Management (University of New England), PhD in Organizational Development (Deakin University)