International Workshop: Competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s Economy – Local Content, WTO and Energy Sector ICT Infrastructure Development

UK coordinator: Prof. Yelena Kalyuzhnova

Kazakhstan coordinator: Dr. Ewan Simpson

Dates and venue: 4 – 5 April, 2016; 59 Tole bi str., Almaty, Kazakhstan


On April 4, 2016, the Kazakh-British Competitiveness Centre (KBCC) is holding an international workshop in the Press Centre at KBTU. The aim of the workshop is to showcase and debate the policy implications of the research carried out by KBCC in its first year of operation, covering labor market, local content, entrepreneurship and ICT development in Kazakhstan, with a particular focus on the energy sector.

Speakers include:

– Mr Kairat Bekturgenev, Chairman of the Board, National Agency on Local Content Development (NadLoc), Kazakhstan;

– Mr. Jim Buttery, Country Director, British Council, Kazakhstan;

– Prof. John Board, Member of the Advisory Board of Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness, Dean, Henley Business School, UK;

– Prof. Andrew Godley, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School, UK;

– Prof. Kecheng Liu, ICT Area Leader, Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness;

– Prof. Yelena Kalyuzhnova of and UK Co-Director of KBCC, Vice Dean (International) and Director of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies at Henley Business School, UK;

– Dr. Ewan Simpson, Co-Director of KBCC and Dean of KBTU Business School, Kazakhstan.


To register, please contact Madina Mukhtarova at m.mukhtarova@kbtu.kz or 8 (727) 266 34 50

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Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova             UK Co-Director of Kazakh-British     Centre for Competitiveness

Welcome to The Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness (KBCC)

Our centre is a partnership between The Centre for Euro-Asian Studies of Henley Business School at the University of Reading and the Business School and IT Faculty of the Kazakh-British Technical University. We aim to deepen and to expand the role of competitiveness in Kazakhstan in research, action and policy.


Ewan Simpson, PhD           Kazakhstan Co-Director of Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness

The role of KBCC through research, education, training and business and government action is to work to develop a culture of deepened market empowerment in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  We hope that KBCC will create international opportunities for the people of Kazakhstan and other countries.  We aim to bring the people of the UK and Kazakhstan closer together by building greater understanding.

 Institutional engagement through action-oriented programmes and business-engaged research underpin all the actions of KBCC. We have ambitious programmes in economic policy, entrepreneurship, cloud computing to create opportunities for young people to develop new skills, become better qualified, introduce an international dimension to their learning or profession, and develop a better understanding of other cultures.